About Us

Our Vision and Mission

The Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute, LLC is a unique global professional education initiative designed to improve care for people with diabetes. Our programs include in-person training and education, distance learning modules, webinars, peer-to-peer exchanges and other educational resources.

The vision of the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute, LLC is to transform diabetes care with healthcare professionals.

Our mission is to improve the paradigm of diabetes care by transforming the best possible outcome from managing diabetes to mastering diabetes.

We offer a revolutionary approach to diabetes education by training healthcare professionals on the best science and evidence to improve care for people with diabetes and by training healthcare professionals on the safe and effective use of products that can help people with diabetes live life to the fullest.


We are patient-centered in our approach to care. Through the professional education we provide in our collaborative learning environment, our Members are better equipped to empower people with diabetes.

We offer advanced training in diabetes to healthcare professionals in an effort to transform diabetes care by improving each practitioner’s knowledge and skills related to their diabetes practice. Our course content emphasizes the areas of diabetes management, behavior change and sustainability.

As part of our in-person programs, we offer the experience of living with diabetes through use of a blood glucose monitor, insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor, and diabetes management software.

Our online resources, including summarized weekly articles, e-modules, monthly live and on-demand webinars, and message boards, are available to healthcare professionals who register as Members.

We want to be your trusted source of training and education in diabetes care. We refer to the process of advancing your knowledge and skills as your learning journey. We wish to foster a long-term learning relationship with you that will help you provide the best care possible to people with diabetes.

Wherever you are in your learning journey, the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute is here to support you. You can begin your journey now, by taking advantage of our online resources. We regularly add fresh content to our site, so please come back often!